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As crazy as it seems to me, our baby boy has completed a whole sun cycle!
This year has been the biggest oxymoron.  It was the longest year of my life, and yet, it seems to have flown by.  Being this boy's Mama is such a blessing, but in the most different ways I could have ever imagined.  Cole has been, from the start, the kind of boy who keeps you on your toes.  Never content to just hang out and snuggle, he lives life to the fullest in every sense of the word.  He takes "no" as a suggestion, and has eaten a wider variety of foods (and non foods) at the completion of his first year than our 7 year old has in his lifetime.
This baby boy is not the "perfect child" that my oldest is in terms of behavior, caution, and savoir-faire.  But he certainly is the "perfect child" in terms of gumption, daring, and assertiveness.  Nothing will hold this boy back from life.  He simply must experience it all. 
We thought it would be perfectly fitting to have a wilderness themed first birthday, because well, our boy is nothing short of wild!

The cutesy, Forest Friends decor is from Hobby Lobby, as is the cupcake stand (which was white before we made it a tree by painting it brown). The metal C and metal chalk board bins I scored from Michael's for 70% off! The pine garland and pine scented candles are also from Michael's.  The other trays and bowls I already, and I thrifted that awesome candle that looks like a log, the rustic green table (8 bucks!!) and the wooden tray.
The Menu:

Woodland Berries
Teddy Grahams
Goldfish Crackers
Pretzel Rods (Deer Twigs)
Cheetos (Campfire Flames)
Banana Chips (Chipmunk Chips)
Brownie Bites (Bear Poop)
Pigs in a Blanket
Chocolate Cupcakes
Pumpkin Bread (Fallen Log)
S'mores station with ingredients to get your S'more on!
We also had a bonfire and roasted marshmallows for S'mores!  
As usual for 1st birthday parties, much more than the gifts, the big hit was the wrapping paper!!

Moccasins:  @TheWildFolkCo

Month 12

My wild, sweet, crazy baby boy.  

You've done it!  

You've made it though your first year unscathed (for the most part).  

You've been a bug eating, dirt digging, furniture climbing, pterodactyl screeching, face clawing, food scarfing, log licking, hourly night waking baby - and I wouldn't trade a second of it.  

Thank you, baby boy.  
Thank you for breaking me out of my complacency.  
For helping me remember that it's not about putting myself first.  That I am here to serve. 

Since you've arrived, the calm, quiet life I was living disappreared, and this new life of adventure took its place.  
You've taught me how to notice everything again because of your ability to find even the smallest bugs in the corners and get them into your mouth before I can catch you.

You've reminded me that kids should be dirty.  Children should spend most of their time exploring and adventuring.
Outside ("ot! ot!")     

You've broken us out of the mold we had fallen into, and reminded us where we were and what we'd originally wanted for our children.  

A childhood free of (or at least lacking in) consumerism and stuff.  
Stuff that bogs down your room and your mind, and changes your imagination from limitless possibilities to cookie cutter.  

A childhood filled with adventure.  
With the great outdoors.  
With dirt.  
With mud.

 Thank you for showing us how to find the music in everything.  That a passing train, a running dishwasher, or a spinning fan all have a beat, playing for anyone who should hear.  

And boy do you hear.  When your head tilts to the side and you begin to dance, it makes us stop and search for the rhythm you've picked up.  

Mindfulness, baby boy.  
That's what you've given us.  

And we are so grateful.  


Moccasins + Amber Teething Necklace: The Wild Folk Co

Love God Tees: Vicarious Clothing

Moose Pants: Born Savage


Month 10 and 11 (playing catch up, part 2)


Month 10 started off with crawling, and ended with standing.  By the beginning of month 11, you were walking anywhere and everywhere.
You are the definition of a free spirit, never settling in someone's arms or able to be coaxed into anything.  You have to explore, see, taste, touch, everything.  So far, I've fished a beetle and a worm from your mouth.
If Dad and I had to assign you a motto, it would be "Don't fence me in!"

Month 9 (playing catch up)

I have so much to catch up on, so let's go over the highlights:

Big Bro came down to visit.
You were army crawling (more like zombie crawling) and started really crawling the day Big Bro left!
Still waking up all. night. long.


Month 8

I just realized (2 months later) that I never finished this 8 month post for baby Cole.  Our summer was so busy with Cam coming to visit, and starting a new business, that I've completely neglected to blog.  Hmm...the work slacker comes to mind...  
Anywho, 8 months....
Cole could sit up on his own, and was army crawling all over the house - we called it zombie crawling though, because he made this creepy grunting noise each time he pulled yourself a bit further.  Boy I miss that creepy little grunt. 
Baby led weaning was a success and he (finally) started only waking up at 3 and 5am throughout the night. Hallelujah!  

Month 7

I know this is seriously late (try 2 months) but here's Cole's 7 month update.
During month 7 you began teetering with sitting up on your own.  
We started baby led weaning since you don't like baby food but love real food.  
You can do a plank, and are beginning to army crawl! 


Jekyll Island

A few weeks ago, we took a day trip to Jekyll Island, Ga.  It's not a very far drive from where we live, and it is gorgeous! It's a perfect day trip/weekend getaway if you're looking to leave behind the bustle of everyday life.  There's so much nature to be explored, you won't even think of checking your facebook, making to-do lists, or grocery shopping.  It's so easy to leave all of that behind in the beauty of the island, which was just what we needed.


6 months

I can't believe we're already halfway to your first birthday.  You are the happiest little baby, and we adore you.
You love the bumbo seat that your Aunt Cherie gave you (although, what you'd really like is to figure out a way to eat it).
Speaking of eating, we've been trying baby foods, but you don't really like them.  You love to watch us eat and want to bite on celery and carrots, and suck on watermelon and cantaloupe.  It seems you just don't like your food smushed up.
All month long you reverted to waking up every two hours.  You'd start grunting, and I'd rush in a find you stuck on your belly.  I don't know why you won't just lay your head down and relax, but you refuse.
I think you're going to be a headstrong boy - that's ok, we can handle it. :)
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