Pregnancy: Week 39

39 weeks pregnant
This week:
Baby is usually 7-8 lbs and 20-21 inches.
Baby's brain is still developing.

Baby's Position: Head down, but still OP at this week's appointment.  It's time to get serious about flipping this baby over!  I spent much of this week on all fours or leaned over on the counter or back of the couch to let my belly hang.  The key is supposed to be keeping your belly like a hammock, because baby's back is the heaviest part of him, so he will naturally swing around to place his back to my belly button.

Cervical Progress:  Almost completely effaced, but still only about a centimeter.  I'm trying to focus on positive and be happy about the effacement, but to be honest, I was hoping for something at this point.

Swelling:  Still going on strong in my entire body.  My hands feel crispy when I bend my fingers, and I can only fit one pair of shoes, or flip flops now.

Exercise:  Trying to walk this baby out.  We walk about a half a mile every evening, and spend our weekends out doing things that involve walking.

Something Exciting:  During this week the birth center we are using filmed a television commercial and my mom and I (Hubby had to work) got to participate in it.  It was a super fun experience!

Aches and Pains:  Still getting killer upper back pain at the end of each day.  It seems to be the worst after I cook dinner, so I attribute it to the weight of my belly pulling on my back as I'm hovering over the counter/stove.  Still having the hip pain on the left side at nights too.

Purchases:  We bought Little Guy a "Big Brother" present to give to him when we bring the baby home.  This is a big life change for him, so we want to make a big deal about his new role as big brother (even though he will still always be our baby.)

Pregnancy: Week 37 and 38

Baby is:
Welcome to come out of there any time now!!

Feeling:  Anxious.  Not knowing how long it will be until baby makes his appearance is tough on a "plan-ahead" Mama.  Also feeling really tired.  Like, I'm actually taking a nap in the afternoon tired.

Weight gain:  41 lbs.

Labor Signs:  Braxton Hicks are now accompanied by crampiness, and at my 37 week appointment, the midwife said I was 1 cm and 80% effaced.  Before you get too excited - I was exactly the same at my 38 week appointment - which is why you really don't need to pay attention to that stuff; it just gets you all worked up/let down for no reason.  You could be 3 cm for a month, or be completely closed and go into labor that night.

Baby's Position:  OP (occiput posterior) meaning his back is to my back.  Optimal position is his back to my bellybutton, but he could turn at anytime (even during labor) so I'm not going to stress it.

Birth Prep:  Diaper bag is packed, as is the bag for Hubby and I.  I've also been drinking Red Raspberry Leaf Tea. You can buy it in bulk from the link, or just pick up a box at Target (where I got mine).  Here's what it looks like:
It's really great for strengthening your uterus, and supposed to make your contractions more effective, thus helping during labor, and helping after labor.  It has to be Raspberry LEAF tea, not just raspberry flavored tea.  It is also recommended that you not start drinking Red Raspberry Leaf Tea until later in pregnancy (the last few weeks), and as always, check with your OB or Midwife before trying anything during pregnancy.

Aches and Pains:  Hip pain is back (only on the left side) at night.  I've also been getting killer upper back pain.  It's either a pinched nerve or muscle though, I know it's not labor related.  I had it at the end of Little Guy's pregnancy too.
38 Weeks Pregnant


Apple Crisp

Besides all things pumpkin, and being my favorite season, Fall equals Honeycrisps!  Mmmm...  Deliciously sweet honeycrisps.  My favorite thing to do with them (other than just sit down to lunch with one), is make Apple Crisp.

Apple Crisp is super special at our house because #1 - it's amazing, and #2 - I only make it in the Fall.

apple crisp

Here's what you'll need:

2-3 Honeycrisp apples (depending on size)
1 cup oats (you really can use regular or quick cooking without much difference)
1 cup flour (I use whole wheat)
1/2 tbsp cinnamon
1/3 cup sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 stick of butter
Peel and slice apples and set aside.  If you choose to use wedges, make sure they are aren't too thickly sliced.
Place all dry ingredients in a mixing bowl.
Melt butter, pour over dry ingredients, and mix.  
Mixture should look as pictured below.
What really makes this amazing is layering the mixture with the apples.  Some people just do one layer of each, but I like a bit of everything in each bite, so I layer multiple times.
Bake at 375 for 45 minutes.  
You can enjoy by itself, or with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Yum!!
apple crisp
*Do you have a favorite fall dessert?


Pumpkin French Toast

It's Fall!  In our house - and I'm sure many others - that means time for all things pumpkin!  I recently saw a picture of pumpkin french toast and thought, "Why didn't I think of this before?!"

French toast is one of Little Guy's favorite Sunday morning breakfasts, so to celebrate the first day of Autumn, I decided to make Pumpkin French toast.
pumpkin french toast
Here's what I used:

8 slices of bread
3 eggs
1/4 cup milk
1/4 cup pumpkin
1/2 tsp cinnamon
powdered sugar

Beat eggs and combine with milk, pumpkin, and cinnamon.
Coat each side of your bread in mixture and cook on griddle (or you can use a pan) flipping when each side is gently browned.

Sprinkle with powdered sugar if desired.

Enjoy with a bit of syrup!

*I had a few slices left over after breakfast, so I froze them individually in ziplock baggies.  They make a great breakfast for mornings when you're short on time.  Just pop them in the toaster to reheat.  You can even cut them into sticks to eat on the go!

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