Pregnancy: Week 18

This week:
Baby is the size of a bell pepper.
Baby weights about 7 ounces.

Compare:  Here's a pic of me at 18 weeks with Little Guy.

Cravings:  Not much.  I had almost no appetite during this week and had to force myself to eat something at meal times.

Morning Sickness:  Yes.  Can you believe it?  For just one day I couldn't keep anything down until late in the evening, when I managed to fall asleep with a little cup of applesauce in my belly.

Weight Gain:  I had an appointment with my midwife during the last day of my 18th week and I'd gained 11 pounds.  That's the only time I find out my weight since we don't (and don't want to) own a scale.

Medical Issues:  During my appointment, my protein levels came back low - most likely due to my barely eating all week and then not keeping anything down the day before.  Easily correctable.  The midwife also said she'd like me to take a B complex in addition to my Prenatal vitamin.

Exercise:  Still walking 3 miles in the mornings, although sometimes it's difficult when baby is pushing on my bladder.

Belly Button:  Still an innie.

Baby Measurements:  At my 18wk 6 day appointment, my uterus measured 20 weeks.  Much better than the almost 4 weeks ahead I'd seemed to measure during the last visit.

Baby Movement:  I feel this little one kicking pretty frequently now.  Especially when I have a moment to sit and relax (ie. mealtimes, or at night before bed).

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