Independence Day!

Here's what we've got going on during the week of the 4th: 

Letter Tile Matching page using lowercase letters and upper case tiles.

I found this set of 3 necklaces at the Dollar Tree, cut them up, and used them to make counters for this number matching activity.

I found some great printables over at 2 Teaching Mommies.  They have a printable pack you can download for FREE.  There were also a few patriotic printables over at

Practicing sharpening a pencil.  I saw this idea on Counting Coconuts and it made so much sense!  It never occured to me that Little Guy has never had to sharpen a pencil for himself before. 

Patriotic Patterns using red, white, and blue star-shaped marshmallows! 
Little Guy loved this activity!

We spent this morning baking some red velvet cupcakes for the BBQ we're attending tomorrow. 

For the Kids Fridays at

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