Valentine's Day Chocolates

What's better than chocolates on Valentine's Day?  Homemade chocolates on Valentine's Day!  We've been doing Valentine themed activities all week to go with our letter V theme, and today we made heart shaped chocolates.  So simple and so fun!
Here's what we used:
a heart shaped silicone ice cube tray we found for $1
a bag of chocolate chips
a bag of cherry flavored chips
heart shaped stickers
aluminum foil

I usually melt chocolate chips in the microwave by heating 30 seconds, stirring, and repeating until all chips are melted.  You could certainly use the stove if you prefer though. 
Spoon into silicone tray and place in the fridge for about an hour.  It might not take that long, but that's how long I left them in for because I was multitasking with Little Guy!
 When they've hardened, pop them out of the tray and wrap them in squares of foil.
We added red heart stickers to the cherry candies and left the chocolate hearts plain so we'd know the difference.  These will be perfect for Little Guy to put in everyone's Valentine's bags next week!
Naturally, one heart had to be tested by "Quality Control" after dinner.
One batch barely used any chocolate chips at all.  I'm thinking of making another batch tomorrow mixing the cherry and chocolate chips together to see how that turns out.  I know the guys will be excited to hear about that!

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