The Power of Intention

I am magical.
Don't worry, you are too.
Let me tell you why.

Since I've been introduced to the amazing powers of essential oils, I've decided to incorporate them into our daily life.  I knew that by doing that, I'd need a better system than leaving them scattered all over the top of our dresser.

I'd seen some really pretty oil storage shelves for upwards of $50, and knew that I'd like something like that, but definitely not for $50 or more. Plus, I'm not exactly sure where I'd want to keep the shelf (kitchen, master bedroom, office), so I wasn't ready to commit to hanging them on the wall anywhere just yet.

Last night, Bent and I checked out Goodwill, but they had no shelves, and he felt bad that I came up empty. "It's ok, I'll find the right one," I said as we left.

Today, after school, Cole and I went to run errands on the other side of town, so we stopped at a thrift store that we don't usually frequent and guess what they had?  A lovely little free standing shelf that can also be hung on the wall and was painted by its previous owner the exact color of the mirror and picture frame hanging in our master bedroom! $5 and a wipe-down later, that cute little shelf is now holding our essential oils.

Yes, this could certainly be chalked up to coincidence, but these things happen all the time.

Just last month, I was wondering to myself if I should get a crockpot to make dinner time easier since we've been so busy with back to school.  I went into Target for groceries, and guess what? Marked down crockpots were on an endcap display!  I didn't buy one, but I smiled because I know that those were put in my path because I'd called to them using the power of intention.

These situations have happened so often that when I tell people, "Don't worry, things are going to work out fine," I'm not just saying it. I truly believe that they are, because I know that things are always working out for me.  In fact, they're always working out for you too, or they will be once you believe that they are. 

Before you think that this is some witchy woo-woo, even Jesus says, "Ask and ye shall receive."  Technically He says,

"Ask and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:
For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened."
Matthew 7

"Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name; ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full." John 16:24

Medical studies have shown that the placebo affect is a real thing.  In fact, it accounts for 1/3 of healing in patients.  One third!! Your mind is far more powerful than you think.

The next time you start to beat yourself up over something, replace your words with positive affirmations because when you tell yourself you are a failure, you become one.  Tell yourself that you are awesome, and that good things come easily for you. Even if you don't believe it.  Lie to yourself if you must, but over time, that lie will become the truth. 

You know why? Because you're magic.

Do Essential Oils Really Work?

It's a question I'd wondered for nearly 3 years.  Do essential oils really work?  Across social media I'd seen people singing the praises of essential oils for things ranging from headaches to thyroid issues. I'd been curious to try them out, but didn't have the time because I was drowning in orders at the time from my handmade business.

Once I turned my business into a hobby, and had more time, I started tinkering with oils, buying a couple of diffusers and oils from Amazon and Etsy.  I'd been hoping to diffuse some in Bent's room to help with his seasonal nighttime asthma, and try out a few other things. I used them for nearly a year and what I found was that they didn't really seem to make any sort of real impact on the issues I was hoping to address.  They did smell nice though, so I continued to use them on lava bead bracelets and necklaces, and diffuse them just for scent's sake.

****This is a post sharing my family's personal experiences.  I am not a medical doctor, nor can I claim that anyone else would have the same results.  

Recently, Young Living, the supposed "ultimate" oil brand was having a sale on their premium starter kits, and something in me said, "what the heck, let's try 'em," So I ordered one.

With the kids back in school, I have a couple of hours to myself now every morning, so I was pretty excited to experiment with the oils just for the sheer entertainment of it. I was mostly expecting the same results, but to my great surprise, the oils I've tried out so far from Young Living actually do something.  Yes, they smell good too, but these have given us actual, real results from the things we've tried.

Here are a few that we've tried and had results from so far:

Lavendar + Copaiba:  This combo in my youngest's diffuser at night has changed bedtime to an hour long "get back in your bed" fiasco to a 15 minute, "good night, love you" snooze fest.  I would never have believed it unless it happened to me.

Panaway:  Rubbing this on sore joints has provided my husband nearly instant relief (sort of "ben gay" style, but without any nasty chemicals)

Digize: Rubbing this on our tummies when they're feeling yucky has helped us to feel better.

Raven:  Mixing this in a roller with a carrier oil and rubbing it on Bent's chest when he feels like he's breathing heavily has given him relief without needing his inhaler.

The kit came with 11 oils, the diffuser, a sample of Thieves household cleaner (which made 2 bottles of cleaner!!), and some Ningxia Red (which I have not yet tried), sample bottles, and the most gorgeous diffuser!

We're still working on trying other oils in the kit, but from our experiences so far, I can say, that yes! Essential Oils really work IF you are using quality oils.  Apparently, there are no FDA regulations on essential oils, which means that anyone can sell what they call essential oils, regardless of their quality, so oftentimes, the oils you buy from the grocery store or amazon are synthetic, diluted, or just straight up fragrances that have no actual plant oil in them.
Young Living has a Seed to Seal promise, which means that they control everything from the time the plant is seed to when it's sealed up in the bottle and sent to your home.  No other company has that, and apparently it makes a huge difference if you're looking for anything other than scent from your essential oils.

If you'd like to try out Young Living Essential Oils and see what a difference they can make for your family, you can click the link here.

Please know that these are my personal experiences, and I never would have believed that the past few weeks would bring me the results that we've received. I am not a medical doctor, and I cannot guarantee results for anyone else, but I wanted to share the experiences that our family has had from Young Living oils.

Have you tried Young Living or other brands? Did you notice a difference?  I'd love to hear your experiences!

How to Make Leather Baby Moccasins

It's no secret that I've been in the moccasin game for a few years now.  With the decision to put shoe making on the back burner, I thought it would be nice to create a tutorial for making moccasins, in case you're feeling particularly crafty.  

Aside from a couple of fun projects with my Granny, and 8th grade home-ec, I basically taught myself to sew by figuring out how to make leather baby moccasins.  Once I found a pattern that worked nicely, I created a variety of sizes.  
These moccasins can be made by anyone with a sewing machine, depending on how thick your leather is.  I recommend a leather that is approximately 3 oz, so that it's thick enough to hold up to wear and tear and to protect your child's foot, but won't be too thick to sew with a standard sewing machine.

The best part about this pattern, it can easily be adjusted for babes with chubby feet!  Simply make the top piece (the one that looks like a hill) wider (like a less-steep hill).  

You can find the patterns for baby and children's sizes 1-10, along with a step by step tutorial over in the ETSY shop. 

AO Year 4 - Term 3

We just finished out year 4 of Ambleside Online's online curriculum (our first year tackling everything listed) and I'm so impressed with what an impact it has had on our family.  School is easy and enjoyable, and I can't imagine ever going back to a worksheet-style curriculum.

Here is the link to our Term 3 daily schedule:

AO Year 4 Term 3 Daily Schedule

Because of my husband's work schedule, we chose to school Tuesday through Saturday, and because our flag football season fell during term 3, the schedule was adjusted to give Saturdays a lighter workload.

As with any school curriculum, there were some books we really loved (Ocean of Truth), and some that we just trudged through (looking at you, Abigail), but all in all, it was a great year.

We also left Plutarch behind after term 1.  That's the beauty of AO, you can easily adjust as needed for your family. 

If you're looking for the Year 4 daily schedule in its entirety, I will link to the other terms below:

AO Year 4 - Term1

AO Year 4 - Term 2

To parents just starting out into Ambleside, this can be done and it's so rewarding.  You've got this!! Have a wonderful school year!

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